Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Can't Wait For The JJ's To Start Playing Sports

When I look back on childhood, I think on a lot of stuff. The first car I got. Wasn't really like a car, car but a little riding jeep. I was very happy to get it. Had a running motor in it and all. I would ride that jeep all around the apartment complex. Hills of dirt and steps of stone, rain or shine didn't matter I was driving. Juice box in one hand and the wheel in the other. Look how happy I am in this picture. I got on my Falcons jacket  and my father  person that helped in the creation of me is wearing a Pats jacket. A Pats jacket.  C'mon Larry, just failing in so many ways. I really kinda thought I was like him when driving my car. He drives the big haul trucks, like the ones at Titan Transline.  You know, the ones on the highway that you always wants to blow the horn.Good thing I didn't crash it, I would have been taking a trip to Bosch.

The best thing that stand out about childhood is playing sports. It was the greatest thing to watch sports on Tv and then not only go out and try to do what you see but to have success at it. Sports bring out the winning drive in you. Some kids just don't have that nowadays. 

I'm not sure about it but I think they even took field day out of the schools. For all my readers that don't live in the U.S. "Field Day" was a day with nothing but playing sports. It would start in the morning and you would be in teams, normally with your classmates and your class would have matching t-shirts and would be in different events.  From relay racing to pie eating. They made sure it was at least a couple events everybody could do. Now all schools cares about is making sure they jam enough class work into a 8 hour school day, the more you jam the more you forget. Remember that. 

All that brings me to this, I can't wait for the JJ's to start playing sports. Jeem and I talked about this before and this morning and It really got me thinking. I'm over the top hype about them playing sports. If you don't know I'm the type of person that gets really into sports,even high school football games. Almost got into a fight with a dude over my brother but that's another story. All I'm saying is don't get mad cause my brother kept laying your son out. 

I'm really going to be happy with whatever sport they play and I want to expose them to as many as I can. Growing up I played a lot of sports and I remember I was heavy into soccer. One day my friend asked me something and I said something about playing soccer and he said "Soccer? That's what Mexicans play". We was like 6 so I didn't really catch on to how much of a asshole statement that was. 

Looking back on it and finding out his father was a racist it makes sense now. So, that had me thinking as a 6 year old , the whole day. My father came to pick me up and at the time we lived like right by the daycare so he would walk home, I really enjoyed walking home. While we was walking I had to ask him "Is soccer a Mexican sport?". He stop walking for a minute and then started again. Then he said one of the things that all kids should hear "No damn such thing as a Mexican sport.Sports are sports doesn't matter what you are. Play what you want. Don't let nobody tell you you can't play something because of your race".

That really stuck with me to this day "No damn such thing as a Mexican sport". No really the whole thing is something I want to try to get through to the JJ's. I might not be they father or anything but I still love them as much as anybody else. 

As Jeem and I was talking this morning I asked her, "what sports she don't want Princess playing". She said she cool with all sports. I asked her "Even Football?" and she said "Yeah, if she wants to play". That got me thinking about that clip on youtube of the girl playing football and she is running all over the boys. That's really cool to see a girl dashing around a football field like that. With that comes the other side, what if they hit Princess and she get hurt. It's Princess J, Princess J so that might freak me out for the first couple of times it happens but as Jeem puts it " I will still love her... broken ankles and all". I already know LL Cool J(Jacob) is going to be into the rough sports but if not I will still be in the stands yelling and happy with whatever he or Princess choice to do. As long as they are active, they don't need to be like that one boy in that one commercial.  

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