Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Of Movies

Happy Monday everybody, how was you guys weekend? Mine was pretty cool, really laid back. I watch a couple of movies this weekend. I normally watch Tv in the most oddest way. It's in the way of doing something on the cpu and watching the TV at the same time. It's more of listening to the TV mostly. I was asked if I listen to music while I work (Blog/design) and I don't. I listen to Tv. Playing music would really get me more off track then I normally am.

This weekend was different. I sat on the sofa in my office and actually watched TV. I watched a lot of it. Lost in the waves of the moving motions captured on film.   

The first movie I watched was "Undefeated". Undefeated follows the story of a football team from Memphis,TN that never won a football game in 14 years. A single football game, not one. Didn't even come close. The way they put it, when teams knew they was playing them they took the game off and still won. This movie is more then wins and loses. This movie is about the way you handle your high and the lows. Trust me it's a couple of both in this movie. 

The next movie was "Here Comes The Boom". I already knew I was going to love this one after hearing who's in it. Kevin James. I didn't even see a trailer or anything. I just knew that Kevin James is great in one of the best TV shows of all time (King Of Queens). After seeing the trailer I really wanted to see the movie. Why? Two words Salma Hayek. It's a nice amount of Salma in this movie, I like that. Here Comes The Boom is about a school teacher that's working to save the school music department from budget cuts. 

The best idea he comes up with is to start UFC fighting, from the bottom to the top he comes?

Then here comes Taken 2. I been wanting to watch this since forever. I been wanting to watch this since Taken, it lives up to the hype. Don't try any of this at home. 

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