Lacoste Lab for Lacoste L!VE 2013 Collection

12:30 PM

Lacoste Lab for Lacoste L!VE was created to revive a tradition of innovation that began with founder René Lacoste. Both a world-renowned tennis player and designer, Lacoste is credited with inventing the modern L.12.12 polo shirt, along with tennis racquets, golf clubs and bags and the world’s first tennis ball machine. Then, somewhere along the way, the Lacoste name lost its forward-thinking lustre, becoming synonymous with retro polo shirts and little else. Under the direction of Christophe Pillet, Lacoste Lab is set to restore the brand’s heritage while propeling the crocodile into the future. Consisting of a series of product partnerships, the new line is an exchange of design ideas and talent, bringing together the expertise of brands like Dragon, Duarig, Salomon, Artprint and Design GPA on an array of goggles, skateboards, helmets, balls and a deliciously eccentric Pétanque set by Obut. Browse the collection above and look out for a further product rollout via select retailers like colette.

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