Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Carla Gugino And Other Women Over 40 That Still Got It

Before I start this list, I would like to point out that I will be doing a part two and maybe a part three.I'm already halfway done with part two seeing that as I started making this one the list got to long as I started remembering more and more. It's crazy how many women over the age of 40 that looks nice. This list came to me around the holidays. 

The new Gap commercials was running and it featured the Cougar of them all, Beverly Heather D'Angelo. You may know her from the "National Lampoon's Vacation" movies where she played the sexy funny wife, American classics. If that's before your time then you know her as the big bad wolf that Ari (Gold) would make funny of on the daily in Entourage.

No matter where you seen her,it's no question that this 61 year old still got it. I start the list off with you Beverly, Women over 40 that still got it. 

I don't know if she country in real life but she sure plays a lot of country women on tv, and movies. Connie Britton, Tammi Taylor the southern bell from 'Friday Night Lights' and ABC new hit show 'Nashville'. She can really get you with the way she just simply say the word "Y'all". They have a whole Youtube video of it. 

I started watching NCIS before I ever seen a episode of JAG. Didn't know what it was and was to young when it came out. So when I started watching NCIS a year later I gave JAG a chance. Wish USA Network would show more JAG. Anyway if you seen JAG then you seen the leading lady Catherine Bell. The officer that could kick your ass and then nurse you back to health. Watching the show I always thought that she was hot, but what made her make the list is the fact that she got more hot? Is that even a word? More Hot. Start saying that, pass it around. 

You ever Google somebody and see that they been in something you seen a million times. Well that was the case with Callie Thorne. She was the first wife of McNulty on the Wire. Didn't really pay that any mind in watching the show. She been in a couple of things that made me wonder "Who is she". What really makes her shine is her own show "Necessary Roughness". Not to be confused with a movie of the same name. 

It's one thing to look nice when you young, it's another thing to look good as you get older. Show's that you take care of your body. You work out. Don't smoke,etc. Smoking is a bad thing for the body and face if you didn't know. When I was younger I really didn't check out stuff she(Denise) was in. But seeing her in Blue Mountain State makes me a big fan. Also a very great funny show. As I type this "Two and a Half Men" comes on. 

Since the first time I seen House, I always thought that Lisa looked nice. Just something about her look. Kinda old but very young looking at the same time. It's really goes well with her. She is the type of women you have a crush on, like one of your mothers friends type thing. I wish my mom did have friends like Lisa when I was growing up, she had one but that's another story for another time. I'm so off topic. 

It's nothing like a shit talking women. Makes it even better when it's a hot women that can talk that shit. Carla does just that in her role that she had on Entourage.

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