Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Favorite Theme Songs

Some TV shows theme songs are really catchy. While others are just, shitty. Guess they all can't be great.  As I write this list I know I'm missing a few. I watch way too much TV to remember  them all.I picked ones that had words in the theme. So it won't be "NCIS" or "Breaking Bad". What are some of your favorites ? 
The Lying Game  (Gun for a tongue - Butterfly Coucher)

It's only right that a show about lying and stealing and killing would have a theme song with the words "Watch out for this girl, she got a gun for a tongue" .

Weeds (Malvina Reynolds - Little Boxes)
It's one way, one way only to mess up somebody childhood songs. Use them on shows where they sell weed and have lots and lots of sex. Did I point out that they have a lot of sex. 

Suits (Ima Robot - Greenback Boogie)

I love the name of this song. "Greenback Boogie" is the dopiest name for a song in the history of  songs. I take that back, Chiodos has the best song titles. 

The Loop (The Zambonis - Hockey Monkey)
The other show's you may have seen, so I didn't have to say much about them. This one I'm pretty sure you haven't seen it. The loop was about Sam, a young professional trying to balance the needs of his social life with the pressures of working at the corporate headquarters of TransAlliance Airways. The song matches the show perfectly. Sam is the monkey and the 

scientists are the bosses. The kids are his friends. This show is on Hulu. Check it out. 

Kings Of Queens (Billy Vera - King Of Queens Song) 

Fun fact, this song was made just for King of Queens. 

Pretty Little Liars  (The Pierces - Secret)

Wait, people really listen to this whole song ? They have a video for it. It's extra creepy to listen to. Even more creepy to listen to the song and watch the video. Glad Pretty Little Liars only plays the first 20 sec's. 

The Wire  (The Blind Boys of Alabama -Way Down In The Hole)
I found all the seasons versions.

True Blood (Jace Everett - Bad Things)

Not sacred of lions, tigers and bears. Vampires, just maybe. 


Kenan And Kel (Theme by Coolio)

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