Monday, April 29, 2013

My Photos From The "Walk To End #Lupus Now" 2013

It was a blessing participating in this Walk to end Lupus. Meeting and talking to so many of the Lupus Warriors about their battle on a daily basis, yet seeing how strong and hopeful they are for a cure really helped. This event was a bigger blessing to me than I could ever be to anything or anyone. Thank you Lupus Foundation and another thank you to the rest of Team Elite for all their support today.- Michael Goines Jr.
As you may know, my brother has Lupus.  Lupus erythematosus is a name given to a collection of autoimmune diseases, in which the human immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissues. Symptoms of these diseases can affect many different body systems, including joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, heart, and lungs.

We found out about it around July last year. We didn't know what was wrong with him. 10 trips to the doctor sick and can barely move. Doctors didn't know what was wrong. Took around a month for them to find out it's Lupus. 

The Lupus foundation has been great to us is teaching us about it. We reached out and they reached back. Telling us about the walk and wanting my brother to be in the PSA. 

This weekend was the walk and we had a blast. It was the same day as the March of Dimes (I went to both, I love MOD). Went to MOD in the morning and headed over to the Lupus event. I say "event" because it was beyond a walk. It was a party. When we first got there at 12:55 they was already ready for the walk at 5pm. We got there and they had our tent setup with our name on it. We raised over 2,000 so we got a tent and some prizes. 

They said over 5,000 people showed up. It was packed full of loving people. Everybody was nice. Our tent was right in the middle of everything on "Gold" row. I met so many nice people. When the walk started I ended up walking with some nice older women. In they 60's. They was rolling. They was about that life when it came to walking. I'm so happy in talking about this that I can't even put most into words. I think I may have skipped a few things as well. You can see all the photo's from this weekend on the team page Like the page while you there. 

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