Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Walking Dead Ate My Weekend

Pardon me while I get done eating my yogurt. Okay, I'm done. This weekend, actually this Friday, I got lost in The Walking Dead. I want to thank Paige for telling me over and over to watch it. She also was the one to tell me about "The Lying Game". Is that show coming back for another season? I hope so. The ending was buck wild. 

Anyway I started watching The Walking Dead two weeks ago. I stop watching reruns of TrueBlood on HBO for the 18th million time to go watch it. I watched about 30 mins and I stopped watching because I had to go. The 30 mins of what I seen wasn't that great. It was just some regular stuff. It had a little action and a kid zombie getting shot. It didn't pull me in. If you haven't seen the show and want to watch then stop reading right here. I'm about to get random. (FYI: I think the show is good). 
I'm glad I didn't stop at the 30mins. I came back to the show and got hooked. I was so hooked that I didn't even blog at all. This show is the type of show I love. It pulls on your emotions. It leaves you not knowing what to think in the start. As it's regular modern day. I sat there wondering "When the zombies, when the zombies". I think that messed it up for me at first. Then BOOM Rick gets shot. Out of nowhere. It surprise me as much as him. He wakes up in a hospital and I'm thinking this man haves no friends.

 I mean his room was empty. He had some flowers that haven't been watered in months. They was beyond dead. He get's up and falls. I try not to laugh but it was funny. I kept thinking about the commercial. "I fallen and I can't get up" rings in my head as I try to hold back the laughing that is pouring out of me. He yells and yells for help and it's clear it's not coming. I scream "The Zombies ate the nurse man" like he can hear me.   He goes around the hospital for a while and bumps into a couple of things and you are just thinking that this places is gone to shit. 

He finds his way out and heads up a hill and the camera pans out and all you see is bodies on top of more bodies. Finally the Zombies. Well actually that's not the first time of the zombies, they just dead bodies. Dead Zombies. 

Now let's just talk about random moments. Join in, in the comment section.   

Season One
I like how the first thought he haves is to go home. He finds a bikes and he is still in amazement of zombies  Like he never played Black Ops, Left 4 Dead or the other countless games with zombies.  He travels to his house and I forget the full part and it doesn't matter but BANG, random black man. The dude saves his life while he standing in the middle of the street like the world is not ending.  I love how even after being told about the "walkers" he is still talking about "you shot a man" yeah shot a man and saved your life. 

I just knew that the black dude was going to kill his wife when he brought that sniper upstairs to the window. Bet he wishing now that he did. 

Would you have left him on the roof? I think I would have got his crazy ass off of it. Racist or not I can't just leave you for dead. With him crying and stuff. That would have got me. 

That tank didn't have any rounds left in it? I would have been rolling thru the streets. Right into a car or something. I can't drive a tank.  

In the show did they show Rick son and wife before he met up with them at the camp? I don't remember them showing us what Rick family looks like. If they did, I'm glad I didn't see it. It made it more shocking for me when he got to the camp and there she goes. 

Well I think they pointed it out when they got around coming to the camp.

Shane face looked like "Fuck, you should be dead". 

Shane really thought that he was becoming Carl dad.

When did Rick get to become leader? Seem like he popped up and took over. 

When she had to shoot her own sister, did you feel the need to randomly text somebody you know that you love them. Yeah, me either. 

The CDC seem like it was going to be the place to be. To bad the only doctor that was there was a fool. R.I.P T-Dogg friend 

Speaking of T-Dogg. Why in the hell didn't they just call him by his name. You have to feel really  stupid to be calling somebody "T-Dogg". I even feel stupid writing the word myself. 

Season Two 
Spohia, poor Spohia. 

Now the scene with the deer. Was Carl going to shoot the deer after he was done looking at the deer.  Then he got shot : /.  

When she found out she was having that baby, I knew that something bad was going to happen.  Shane was madly in love with her. She knew it. Rick knew it. What,she thought that when Rick popped up that Shane feelings would go away? Naw, that's not how it works. Somebody gonna die over your body. Somebody gonna die. 

You could see the envy in Shane eyes every time he spoke. It's like he was slowly losing his mind. He wanted Lori and he wanted her bad. He also wanted them walkers out the barn. 

Yo, when they started to killing the walkers and then you just see a little girl walk out. I'm just saying "Please don't be Spohia, please please". Then it's Spohia. That was one of the saddest moments on the show. Felt bad for her Mom. 

I was pretty happy when Rick killed Shane. I was cheering for that. God knows we didn't need Shane to take over. That would have been ugly.

Dale was my favitore person on the show. He wanted to save the boys life and ended up getting his took. 

I didn't like how they played out how the zombies got to the farm. That was kinda corny. It was a pretty good shoot out tho. Lot's of action. 

Who are the armless and mouthless walkers that the black girl is with? Will we find out? 

Season Three
I like how they over took the jail. That was pretty cool. 

Man I was heated when Hershel got bitten by the zombies. I really thought that was going to be the end for him. 

Rick was losing his mind just like Shane, I seen his breakdown coming. 

Whoa, them inmates really sacred the shit out of me. They just popped out of nowhere. 

I would have shot the one with the long hair right when I seen him. Something about him just is not right. When he killed the other inmate without thinking,I would have killed him right there. His heads not on straight. You saved him and he talking about "His Jail". Dude you was trapped in the mess hall for 10 months, nothing is yours.

Dang it been 10 months. So many zombies. 

I called it, knew the long hair dude was trouble. Take a axe to the head,sir. 

Glad he didn't kill Oscar and Axel. They was just there. Andrew and Thomas(long hair) was the problem. 

He really cashing him, wow he left him out there to dry, good choice.

I thought he was dead. How in the hell he was able to beat out the zombies is beyond me.

Oh, yeah dead now. 

T-Dogg.....R.I.P... : /. Run Carol, run. 

Carl just really killed his mother. That is the saddest thing in TV history. I swear. 

Ole one arm Merle, he alive and kicking, also still mad. 

I DON'T LIKE THIS GOVERNOR DUDE. I don't like him.  He comes off as fake nice. Like you can tell that he do dirt in the dark. 

Oh shit, Rick snapped and snapped hard. He yelling at the walls. Really loud. Chill Rick you scaring the new people. 

Now this is the part that gets me. Why did Axel have to die? He was just about to get in good with Carol. He was about to you know....

He really didn't need to die. The "Governor" can kiss all kind of ass. I don't see why you would want to kill other humans, when it's millions of zombies out there trying to kill you. The deeper you are, the better it is. Stupid man. Then again that might be why they call him the "Governor". Most of you won't get that. 

Morgan, the man that saved Rick's life is back. Back and crazy. This man got traps everywhere. Guns on top of guns. When they enter his room they see alot of writing on the wall and big bold "Clear" over the place. It seem like nothing, till you see that Duane (Morgan Son)  has turned. Morgan comes to and starts to fight Rick till it hits him that they know each other. He tells him about how his son died. Duane was killed by his own mother. The one from season one that Morgan was to shoot but couldn't do it. 

AGAIN I HATE THE GOVERNOR. The dude that plays the role,plays it well, he makes you hate him. I like that. 

Take a shot to the eye creepy "Governor" who keeps his little zombie girl tied up in a closet. She should have killed you first while you was weak. 

I was starting to like Merle, he was a racist but he started to grow on everybody. He was changing his way and it was shown when he took on the Governor army. All by himself. For the better of the group. It started out good and I was rooting for him. He had it, he had it. Then he got killed. By the punk ass you know who....

I felt Daryl pain when he seen that his brother became a zombie. That was too much.I wanted to jump in the Tv and join the fight. Down with the Governor. 

The Governor really snapped. Seem like everybody that been in power or comes into power gets to the point where they lose it. He just lost his and shot the group up, his own group. When he was shooting I would have got him then. Why stand there and watch, you don't know if you next. They really scared of him. They just hop in the truck. I would have hop a bullet into his head. 

Dang, Andrea was the one that wanted them all to work together and to live in peace. Well, as close to peace as you can in a world over ran by zombies. 

I can't wait for Season four. 

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