Friday, June 1, 2018

For The Koi Fish #DressLikeJavaris

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 "I marbled the foyer. I tore the floor up. Yeah, that’s for the Koi fish" I always tell y'allI I dress like a pimp that's trying to tone it down. 

So this one fits me perfectly. So perfect that I'm not even waiting for it to get here before posting this. I just bought this one three minutes ago.  I had to let this one fly. 

Black Skinny Suit With Red Embroidered Badges

The devil is in the details as they like to say. That's not some screen printed flowers. That's sewing. Details. That would have been highly disrespecting to take such a great suit and screen print on it. 

I normally wouldn't do the design on the pants and the suit. It's always one or the other. For this one, I shall wear them together. Every now and then I can see me rocking a white button up with just the pants no jacket. Bowtie too. Classic and modern.   

Let's not get too funky with the shoes and keep it plain. Dress shoes. Simple. 

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