Friday, June 29, 2018

See Ya In The Pit #DressLikeJavaris #WarpedTour

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If you reading this then you already know. This is the last year of Warped Tour. The granddaddy of them all is going to the end of the road. I won't use this post to run down the memories, cause you not here for that. Plus, I think I have already done this before. Somewhere. I think. Anyways, I'm just sharing what I will be wearing today. So, maybe we can match. If you don't have tickets, click here. Also, don't forget that with three can goods & the help of Feed Our Children Now you can jump the line. Five dollars and old cell phones work too. Do all three for good luck. 

 Equality Is Metal T-Shirt

When it comes to going to shows, I always want to wear something that not too many people will have but still in the theme of things. So I had to keep it rocking. It's about to be as hot as the dope boy with the 8-ball in his jacket as the cops come around today. So white shirt would be the move but pink does the trick too. Plus let's end Pride month on the badass note. Shall we. 

Bleach Stretch Skinny Denim Shorts 

 I don't think I will be too cool for school so much this summer. So I hope you like my legs cause you about to be seeing this fuckers. Got to give the sweat somewhere to go. 

 For the left and the right. 

Odd Future Donut Allover Light Blue Crew Socks

I only put this in cause I might do the socks and I also might now. Just depends on how lazy I wanna be. Joking. It depends on the heat. Cause feet be sweating. 



Vans Old Skool Chex Skate Shoe
I wish I liked the way I looked in the slip-ons. For some reason to me I just don't look right. They look amazing on everybody but me. I'm trash. 

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