Friday, June 8, 2018

The Tiger & Blue Snake #FridayNightVans

Vans Canvas Old Skool -

Vans Canvas Old Skool -

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Hey, have you seen our lookbook video for the shirt 'Olivia"? If not, you should check it out above. Watch it again for good luck. Anyways, with the summer here it's time to bring out some of the joggers I have been saving. 


At first, I was about to be looking wild and wear the SanQuon Olivia Short Sleeve. Changed my mind with the quickness as I knew that would be too much and you will know too when you see the joggers. So this soft gray polo will do.


CRIMINAL DAMAGE 'Dominic' Floral Print Track Pants
Look at these joggers for about two minutes. Really don't need the whole ten minutes but take the whole two to enjoy this jogger.  While looking, did you notice the snake and the baby tiger? Listen I'm not gonna be wearing these joggers a lot but I will be wearing them more than a little.  

 For the left and the right. 

Red Canvas Old Skool
I wanted the shoes to blend into the joggers as if they was one.  That's a joke. 

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