Thursday, June 14, 2018

Keep The Stacks Safe

If it's one thing I really hate. Above the New Orleans Saints. It is wallets. I really hate them. When I was young. My mom got me this really nice one. It was leather, dark brown. She even put some money into it. Around 50 dollars. When I say I never used that wallet, I mean I never used it and still have it in the box that it came with.  Get outta here with that. I don't like things in my back pocket. Not even my phone. It feels so odd to me. Makes yo ass uneven too.  So the next best thing you can do is keep the stacks safe. We have gone from keeping the stacks in the rubber bands to putting them in banks. So keep yo cards safe with the coin bags, nah. This pouch. You can call it a bag too. That way you can say that you're securing the bag.  *Ba Dum*. Get you and yours one in the shop right now.  

More to be added soon and while you there, pick up some of the art.

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