Friday, November 23, 2018

90 Years Of Mickey #DressLikeJavaris

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Nobody ever says this but it's true. I know we all have seen it and nobody wants to point it out. Y'all gotta make me say it huh? Really? I have to be the jackass that points this out? Okay, fine. Mickey Mouse has had plastic surgery done. He done become a bad bitch. He been out here in the streets since 1928. He gotta keep up. 

 Vans Disney x Vans Authentic
We can start with the sneakers I guess. We (Vans) hooked up with Disney to pay homage to the bad bitch  Mickey Mouse. I love that the history of the Mickey is mapped out across the sneakers. Every time you wear them, you wearing history.

SweatshirtI said this in my last post and I'll say it again. I live in Georgia and it never gets that cold. So you know this style is about to be just that, style. I might actually be too hot wearing this. 

I'm keeping the hoodie nice and simple because of the shoes being the fine detail that they are. I always have this fear of over doing when the graphic is heavy. 

Pile-lined Denim Jacket
You ever been watching TV and see somebody wearing something that you have on? Jughead just walked in the frame wearing this jacket too.  Great taste that kid.

Cotton twill joggers

I almost forgot to add the pants I was wearing. Guess cause I don't have any on, it slipped my mind. Silly me. 

Anyways let me know on Instagram/ Twitter what you wearing today.

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