Sunday, November 25, 2018

96 Rock N' Jock Headass #DressLikeJavaris

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We getting old. I can't fight it and you can't either. It's happening. Every day when you wake up. You age. Facts. Anyways, I know I'm getting old when MTV stop showing things I used to love. It actually hasn't been on for years. Since 2001. 

The date 2001 makes me think of "Alley Cats Strike". I think I saw that movie around 60 million times. God, I miss Disney Channel movies. Can we please get a streaming site already? 

Anyways, what I was talking about to start with. MTV Rock N' Jock. MTV Rock N' Jock was a television series on MTV featuring actors, musicians, and other entertainers playing sports with professional athletes. The original episode was called The MTV Rock N' Jock Diamond Derby and was changed to MTV's Rock N' Jock Softball Challenge, in year 2. The concept expanded to include basketball in 1991, football in 1997  and bowling in 1999 The game was an annual feature. 

When I tell you that Nelly used to show his ass in the games, I mean he used to show his whole ass. That man can play some sports. I say "Sports" cause he played them all. (Video here) 

You know what, I'll save all that for another post. This is not even about any of this. This was, is an outfit of the day post. Sorry.  

1996 MTV Rock N Jock Aaliyah #19 

I buy lots of things off of eBay before Amazon was the thing. I can't stay away from the free two-day shipping. I had to go back to my stomping grounds to get this one. Pretty cheap too. I spent about 16 dollars and the shipping was free. It's also stitched. Shocked me too. They really put some detail into these 16 dollar jerseys.  

Sidenote: Honor Aaliyah and wear the jersey 3 sizes too big. 

Teal Hoodie 
It is the winter and I'm not too fly to stay warm. 


Slim Low Joggers

They skinny jeans, don't get it confused. They will look well with the oversize jersey  




Vans Chukka Low -
Vans Chukka Low -

Vans Chukka Low -

Vans Chukka Low

At first, I was going to go with an all black boot. That was the plan. I got lazy. I can't even flex. I didn't feel like putting on boots so the sneakers it is. The gum brings in the nicer touch then the boots would have anyways. Don't wear color shoes with this. You will be over doing it.

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