Monday, November 19, 2018

Mother Nature Not Catching Me (Winter Pickups) #DressLikeJavaris

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Do I talk about my love for the winter in all my last post or am I just thinking I did? Feel like I started them all with this sharing of the love of the cold from Mother Nature. Well till Springs gets to calling then I hate Winter and wish she would leave. You know how that goes.

Each winter it's always something that I must have. I'm like a spoiled kid. I can't have what I had last year. Just something about the winter gives me the feeling of wanting new. Like I guess I wear the stuff a lot. Which the 70 (???) jackets I have would laugh at. Let's get to the must-haves.

Knit hats.  
Men's Atlanta Falcons New Era Red 2018 NFL Sideline Cold Weather Official Sport Knit Hat

Speaking of kids. When I was young you couldn't pay me enough to wear any hat. At all. I had to have my head naked. Like my head was too much for any hat to handle. Which is funny cause my head might actually be too much to handle. It's big y'all. Not too big for Knit caps it seems. I didn't catch on to this till I was older.
I'm lying.  I used to wear them trash ass skull caps that had that bid in front. To death. What the hell wrong with me.
I Bullshit you not. I just seem somebody with one on. Yo nuts looking.
Imma upgrade my hat this year and get a Falcons one. I really shouldn't after what the freaking Browns did to them. Lord. That was last week. We on this week now. 

SanQuon 'Creative As Fuck' crewneck 
I think this goes without saying. Don't let the women in yo life steal your shit. You know they will try. Stay strong and hide your stuff.  They can't steal what they can't find, right?
We (SanQuon) have a nice selection of hoodies for you this year. Lightweight and heavy.  We even have logo ones for everybody that has been asking. Sometimes you wanna be simple. I ain't even mad at you. 

The section that Macy's have right now
I will be the first to admit it gets cold in the south but never cold enough that I think I need to wear some boots. Like deadass. Also, what's up to everybody in New York? Remember when y'all laughed at us in the south for the snow. What happened? I thought y'all knew what to do? Yeah, okay. Y'all showed us. 

I wear the Tim's like everybody else I guess. I mostly run with the polo boots and some others boots I wanna show y'all. If I ever get them from Jeem house. 

What are some of the things you must have this winter? This is really just the things I brought this week to be real. Talk to me in the comments. 

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