Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Nah I'm Chilling #DressLikeJavaris

How y'all doing out there? Nah, how are y'all doing? Let me know in the comments. I better see you. Anyways. Shoutout to the people that stay here and been here. Hello to the ones that are new here and Oh, you remember me? To the ones that have come back. Hope you been good. I haven't been waiting. 

All jokes aside, the numbers have been higher than the normal high numbers,  I just hope y'all washing your hands while you on my blog. I ain't with the shits. 

I'm in the house just like you so I guess we gonna get this one-off. This my house can't leave look. If we being real, I wasn't gonna leave anyway to start.  

Hype Killers Hoodie  

Anybody else wears the hoodies in the house year long? It can be the dead of summer and you can catch me in the hoodie. Really with the fan on blast. Bringing the winter when it's the winter I'm not too cool with it. 

Nike Sportswear Club Fleece

The staple in the stay at home package, shorts. Often joggers but shorts. The shorts are key. It makes me feel like I'm free. 


Nike Everyday Cushioned

Gotta keep the feet safe cause you never know. Never know when you gonna bump something.  What you think I was about to say? 




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