Monday, July 23, 2012

Building A Dynasty: All-Stars And Playoff Push #2k12

Last time I talked about the new adds to the team. Well this week it's time to show off what they been doing. ALL STARS BABY. Yuup that's right my team have some all stars, starters at that. Jrue, Bynum and Chandler all made the team repping the east. Jrue have been outstanding so far this year with the running of the floor. Getting the ball into the big men, swinging it out to the wing for Wilson.

Playoffs Drama 

So when I put this team together I said that it was going to be a tough first year. Team needs to jelly got to find out what this one can do, what the other one can do. Get some good role players. On top of that I get a lot of 2K cheese sometimes. But thru all of that we seem to have come out in 9th place with a look at the playoffs. Well a really sticky playoff push. We need Boston to lose TWO games. They lose two and we make the playoffs IF we win the rest of our games. We been put in this place cause of the cheese I spoke about earlier. 

See the game sim 4 whole games FOUR. Out of the four you care to guess how many we won ? Yup you are right ZERO. I think we can make it but we must win out. Boston,Phila,Detroit and even Jersey are on the bubble we win out and we are in kinda. I mean we need one of the teams to lose two games. Losing three can't hurt. 

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