Friday, July 27, 2012

Game On World,Team USA Is Ready

It's really been a lot of talk about this team. "They to small" "No bigs" "They shoot to much 3's" etc etc. People have been talking about this team like this is a team of busters. They may have a point that we have no bigs, but isn't D12 hurt ? Aren't Blake hurt ? Yup that right there is the bigs that were going to be on the team, but they hurt and last time I checked you can't play hurt. 

What we don't have in size we make up for in skills and speed. Sure Rose and Wade is hurt, but we still have the depth that is the U.S talent  pool. Kobe, Melo,KD maybe you heard of them ? CP3,DWill,LBJ ? Yeah I checked and they are still the top players in the NBA.

Euro ball is played outside in and going small works for us. Look at the past games we really ran the teams without even trying. You know when a player is trying hard, they wasn't really trying  . That not really trying almost got us in a little bit of trouble vs Brasil. This team was one for the ages. They have a point (which most teams don't have) and they had NeNe and some other solid players. We won that game by 11 and everybody started to freak out, since when is beating somebody by 11 a reason to freak. ESPN was running hog wild saying all crazy thing, like USA will not get GOLD. Say What ? Well the next game we beat the team by 30. Then the game vs Argentina. 

TeamUsa was up by 20 and then just let that lead go away to only win by 6. Me I don't care how much they win by as long as it's more then 5 ? Okay I want to win by 10 at least. But I didn't lose my mind after that game but yeah again everybody else did. I mean people really think that the US can lose. I'm not even being cocky, it's just a fact. Think about it, in a pick up game who are you picking ? Yup people from Team Usa. We have the depth,skills and speed. 

Plus this one thing that will happen every game, somebody will go off. It happens every game, that's what sets us apart from the rest of the world. We have enough players that it's never up to one to have a great game. If you look at the stats from the 08 team you will see that nobody really put up big game numbers, cause nobody didn't need to. Same goes for this year, somebody gets hot and everybody feeds him the ball. 

Our last "test" of the practice tour came against Spain. The match up that people have been waiting for since the start of the tour. "Spain going to give the US a run for they money, they can't take Spain bigs" that's what was heard for the whole week, people was busting balls.  Jemele Hill  went out her way to say that Spain would win the game.O.O. The game came and Spain was in the zone, for about ten mins. See here's the thing you can have all the bigs in the world and if you are Marc Gasol you can take all that shit but US will find a way to win. They cracked the necks of the Spain guards and the US ran it's way to the W. Like I said before Game ON,World. 

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