Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Building A Dynasty: Welcome To Milwaukee #2K12

As you know I'm a big fan of 2K. Me and my friends play this game everyday, rain or shine. We play this game so much that we start leagues. I say "leagues" because I think since the start of 2k12 we have started 30 leagues.Crazy right ? 

We always seem to do something wrong and the league that we are in get's jacked up and  we have to start over.Most of the time it's people in the league doing cheap things (joining and then trading all they players to they friend and leaving) or it's somebody crying about how they team suck and getting others to quit to start a new one. That was the case in the last league (We was in year 3) but not in this one. We cut out all the shit and only have the elite don't quit players in the league. Anyway I will be sharing my quest to build a dynasty in this league .Well let's Go. 
Key Players 

With the 7th pick in the draft the Bucks take the big man out of St. Joseph High School, Andrew Bynum. I know what a lot of people are thinking "You can get a better player at 7th pick". You are half way right. I can get better players, but they are not better players on 2K and plus I'm building a dynasty. Gone was KD,LBJ,D12 and KB24. With all the great impact players of the game gone it was really on me to get a player that can become a impact. CP3 was on the board and Melo and a host of other great players but on 2K you better off not picking them.

I mean they have MELO at a 88 now WTF?!?!. So when I picked Andrew I thought about the future. He's 24 and 7 feet tall, he is already a monster in the paint and has nothing but upside. Last league I was in I had Derrick Favors and by the next year he was a 81 and basically the man down low. Andrew Bynum will be that for my team from the start and will be still getting better. 

The next round I picked Rodney Stuckey. I like Rodney a lot really big player that can guard the 1-4 if I need him too. He also has the ball handling that I can toss him in at the 1 and bring chaos to the other teams PG. Being able to shoot from anywhere was also a plus, I want to have a team that can spread the floor. That always leaves space for Bynum on the block. 

I was really feeling my first 2 picks so I was really happy to see that Wilson Chandler was on the board in the 3rd round. I had to make a choice, Beastly or Wilson. I like both players as much as the other one. The only problem with one was that he has size but his spot up game is not where it should be. Yes I'm talking about Beastly, he's more of a PF playing SF so the pick in the end had to be Wilson. Plus Wilson can hop into the 4 with no problem. Maybe I'm trade somebody to get Beastly but Wilson had to be picked. 

Those was my key pick ups in the draft, strong picks. I can't lie we might not win a lot of games this year but I'm putting together a great team that will become something. Not just picking players that don't play my game of basketball. Run and gun with a lot of post up action. I know them two don't go together but I make it work. We make the playoffs this year we will be shocking some teams. 

The Project 

I forget what round I got Ryan in but it was a steal. 6'10 PF that can shoot the long ball, reminds you of somebody ? Might take a couple of years for him to shine but once he do, it's game on.  He also add to my spreading of the floor O. Not many PF's can guard around the 3. 

The First Two Games 

 The first two games went ugly. They were bad but not to bad. The thing that really beat us was the lack of play from some players. By some players I mean Mr.Jeff Teague. He missed a couple open 3's in hotspots, and just did not close at the rim. We really need some big men backups. Andrew was halfway dead in the 4th of both games. I need to make a move and bring   some big men. 

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