Sunday, July 22, 2012

Building A Dynasty: Trades And More Trades #2K12

Last post I walked you thru my reasons behind who I picked and why. This week I will be talking about some trades I made. 
Out With  Teague in with Holiday 

Last time I said that I wasn't happy with Teague, the man just didn't knock down any shots at all. I mean this guy missed wide open ones. A trade had to be made. I looked and looked and the best trade and a great trade came across. Holiday for Teague no draft picks need to be added or anything just the two players. I jumped on that. Welcome Holiday to the team, welcome to the start of something new. 

The thing about this trade is that I was really happy to get this one done. I wanted him in the round that I took Teague but he went before I was able to get him. Wait I think he went in the 2th round. I'm not sure either way I'm happy to have him on the team. I'm a fan on Holiday, he's a big point that defend the perimeter. That's big for me. I like players that can play D. D wins games. I'm sure you heard that before so it's really no need to go there.  Since Holiday been on the team the team been flowing really well. Attacking the rim and spot up jumpers from this guy. Just what I  need. 

Do you see that ? Yeah that person flying high above the rim about to toss it down. Well that person is THADDEUS YOUNG. This 6'8 SF can jump. When I say jump I mean JUMP. I needed  big men, Andrew was dying in the games where he had no backups. Idk know why I didn't get a couple big men seeing that I like to put the ball in the post. Anyways. Danielle Green(lol) contract will be up at the end on the year and that's cool wanted to resign him to the team. I go and he says " I'm thinking that I need to get a big payday this summer". First off he is only a 70, yes a 70 and wants a "Big payday this summer" ? Well that would be cool if the fact that your potential level is D D D D. It's not even a C I mean really. He should be happy to be on the team.

So with all that drama around and what not, I had to make a move. I need a big man and I put out a couple of calls and got a nice offer for one. Thaddeus Young plays PF/SF that's just what I wanted to hear. The thing about this trade is that I had to toss in my first round draft pick for next year (2013). But that's okay Young has great upside and already showing it. First got to my team he was a 74 now he is a 77. Plus he been putting it down on people also. That's always fun to watch. 

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