Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SUPRA Introduces Footwear for Kids

Certainly no stranger to footwear, SUPRA is introducing a line of shoes dedicated strictly to a younger demograph: kids. Stylized specifically after adult-sized SUPRA silhouettes, the range obviously is offered in a smaller scale, yet features the same core SUPRA DNA that made its larger sizes so covetable and unique. The inaugural range features the Skytop, the Cuban, the Weston and the Vaider. An amalgam of leather and suede panels are used to bring a level of sophistication to a shoe range that is more traditionally mocked up in overly playful colorways and styles. Although you may not be in a rush to hop on the parent bandwagon just yet, fret not that SUPRA has provided a sufficient footwear option for the little guy once that time hits.

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