Friday, February 1, 2013

Can Somebody Please Pick Out Russell Westbrook Clothes

When I first watched this on TV I didn't see the part where he is crying. You up by 25 and they wasn't on a run to come back or anything. On top of that number zero was in the wrong. That's not even what this is about, what this is about is the fact that Russell is hands down the worst dress player in the NBA. To some that might not matter but he is trying hard and is failing   harder. 

Now is he trying to be funny, or did he really think dressing like the side of a spaceship was a good idea. Somebody really need to just go into his closet and burn everything that is in it. Even the pants. Is that teal? You way to tall to be wearing color pants. When you taller the 5'8, it's black and tan and blue for you buddy. 

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