Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The History of The Eagles Documentary,Was Great.

Thank god I have Showtime. Thank god I remember that the documentary was coming on. God bless great music, I love the Eagles. The Eagles is my favorite band, of all time. I love them more than the Beatles. Yeah I said it. It was great for them to sit down and put together a detail piece. 

This wasn't a Behind the Music, nothing but happy and fake smiles thing. This was the real deal. They really put it all the way out there. 
I love how they got started. It took time, something people today don't understand. They started out in one band, went to another band and ended up playing back up in somebody else band. 

The best part of the whole thing is not even when they talk about when they first heard the demo for Hotel California. They called it "Mexican reggae".
"The song began as a demo tape, an instrumental by Don Felder. He'd been submitting tapes and song ideas to us since he'd joined the band, always instrumentals, since he didn't sing. But this particular demo, unlike many of the others, had room for singing. It immediately got our attention. The first working title, the name we gave it, was 'Mexican Reggae'."
The best part was the fight. You see in bands you all have to be on the same page, most of the time. At least get along and agree with the music you making, that started to not be the case with the Eagles. They was moving in a way some didn't like. They didn't speak out about it. They let it sit. It sit around so much that they snap.  The fight of all fights, the fight that broke the band up. 

On July 31, 1980, in Long Beach, California, tempers boiled over into what has been described as "Long Night at Wrong Beach." Frey and Felder spent the entire show telling each other about the beating each planned to administer backstage. "Only three more songs until I kick your ass, pal," Frey recalls Felder telling him near the end of the band's set. Felder recalls Frey making a similar threat to him during "Best of My Love." "We're out there singing ‘Best of My Love,’ but inside both of us are thinking, 'As soon as this is over, I'm gonna kill him'", recalled Frey. The animosity purportedly developed as a result of Felder's response of "You're welcome - I guess" to California Senator Alan Cranston as the senator was thanking the band for doing a benefit for his reelection.

After the show Don hops in his limo and was out, he didn't want any part of that. What's funny to me is the way this went about. You on stage and heated but got the show done. Counting down the songs that are left, till y'all face off. That is classic. "2 more to go" " Gonna kick yo ass'. Like if you are the scared one, what is going through your head at that moment.  I'm surprised nobody ran off that stage quicker then when the show was over. 

I hope they show this again, if they do check it out. 

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