Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spencer Is Losing Her Mind #PrettyLittleLiars

Tuesday is always a awesome day. I have three show's that come on. I take that back, adding "The Lying Game" makes it four shows. NCIS,White Collar,The Lying Game and Pretty Little Liars. I'm about to only talk about one, and reading the title you already know the one. If you haven't seen the show for this week, stop reading now. 

Spencer is fully losing her mind. It all started a couple weeks ago, when she was planing a surprise dinner for Toby.  Everything was going pretty well and she had him in the dark with no clue about anything. Little did she know that she was in the dark as well. You see, Toby is on the A team. You and I already knew that. Guess nobody passed that memo along to Spencer. 

Finding out came to her slowly. First finding a key with the letter "A" the letter "A" for crying out loud. Next she found Toby I.D. badge, a I.D. that had Toby working at the same crazy house that housed MonA. That put her on the case, not over the mountain just yet. The over the mountain losing her mind part came on that dark night of the dinner. 

Toby told her some lie about working and blah blah, she told him some lie about her father having a dinner. Now that they got the lies out, they plans was set. Spencer to seek to Toby apartment for the dinner and Toby to seek into her house to get his I.D. and key. Oh, the irony.

It's a couple witty things I can say right here, but I rather just be frank. Toby is sloppier then a sloppy Joe. He get's busted and don't even run. Shaking in his boots in the middle of Spencer kitchen. Key and I.D. in hand. Actually I can't remember I just know he was shaking in his boots in the kitchen. He turns around and she slaps him and her mother comes in the door and Toby gets ghost. Fine time to run,aye. 

Here comes the start of the losing the mind. It's starting to slip out that head of hers. She in a drunken moment, I say "drunken" because you either lost in love or drunk. Let's say she is both. Spencer in her love drunk moment goes over to Toby apartment and starts to beat on the door. "Was it ever real?" "Was it ever real" she yells. "I know you there" she cries, while beating on the door. She get's no answer, but it's somebody there. That person being MonA. Sitting at the table, listening to your music and eating your food. I don't know about you guys, but that is the biggest disrespect you can do. That's right up  there with using somebody else toothbrush. Spencer spends the rest of the show, about 30 sec's crying outside his door. 

That's when she LOST her mind. Since then she has really been out giving no fucks about anything. Getting a text from "Aria" and telling Ezra where to put his stick. Finding out that Ezra has no clue about what she even talking about. That was not before she storms out of the classroom because "She don't need to read about people in books getting fucked  messed over". I hope they get her some help. She going to end up hurting herself. Did you see the way she basically told Jason to his face "Fuck Yo Sister". She about that life, and seen like it will be that way for awhile.

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