Wednesday, March 25, 2015

He Doesn't Even Go Here (So Many Questions) #PrettyLittleLiars

 Well, Crystal and I talked about this. Talked about it before it happen. Really, it's how it always goes. The setup, the shot, the block. Pretty Little liars is like that girl. That girl you dating that keeps telling you, that "you know" is coming.  Never comes and you keep waiting.She just keeps teasing you.

That's what we been doing with PLL for years.  We been waiting for answers and leaving with more questions.Our whole body is blue at this point. 

No need for one of them long recaps. You watched it just like I did. You know what happen. Actually if you didn't. Here's the whole thing. The girls get kidnapped and taken to a, dollhouse. In this doll house they find a women in a mask. She takes off the mask and great Scott ghost , it's Mona. Mona is alive. You know what, I can't even keep writing. You already know the rest. Let's get to my questions and other things. (If you need a recap click here).

Okay so is Charles a twin or nah?
 Spencer connects the dots that the little letter blocks in her room spells out 'Charles'. Great. The bigger question is, is he trying to reveal this to them? If so, why? Do they even know him? It didn't really seem to click in her head that she knew him. Hell, do the show even have another person name 'Charles'? That's a random why of getting found out. 

Moving on. Is he a twin? When Spencer, again the finder of everything in this episode, found Charles mancave. In this cave was a lot of pictures and home videos. I guess this Charles dude not a fan of taking pictures. Seeing that they are all from his childhood. Anyways. On the video it starts at the Campbell Farm and Charles is found out to be Jason's twin brother? As revealed in the home video found in the memorabilia room. The video was taken at Andrew Campbell's family-owned farm. Well I think that he is a twin, right? They look like it. Let's just say that they are. The baby in this video is Alison and Spencer (The all knowing) goes "Charles is that you". The timing of this is tricky. At the moment, Charles is creeping up on Spencer. Maybe she was talking to and referring to hime being in the room and the video. 

Where did A get all this money from?  
A haves to be a secret millionare. Just has to be. Where do he get all this money to be able to setup this house and all the other things he have done over the years.  This man has to have the deepest pockets in the world. Bill gates, is that you? 

 Did Charles kill Jason?  
 I now think that Charles was the person that escaped from Radley (the one that Jessica was so concerned about) and the one that hit Ali over the head. Maybe, Charles befriended Bethany at Radley and Jessica started to look out for her too when she visited Charles. Maybe because Bethany seemed less spoiled and "more sane" (if that's even possible) than Alison she started to care for her like a second daughter. Then Charles and Bethany planned this whole thing out for "revenge" but it ended up Bethany dying and all that stuff.

 The reason I think that Charles have killed Jason and took his place. When Jason popped back up, he didn't really know what was going on. He lied about being at a place that was closed down for years. If you been locked away for a long time. You would not know that a place have been closed down. I think that when Jason went missing. That was the time that Charles killed him and came back as him. Jason wasn't loving as a brother to Alison. This new vibe Jason is. Even telling her that he believe that she didn't do it. He fully believe that, seeing that he is the one that kidnapped  Mona and she is not dead. 

Why is he doing all this? 
Why is everybody going thru this man made hell? Last I checked, your parents are Spencer dad and Alison mom. You should be mad at them. Chasing around everybody else is a waste. They did nothing wrong to you. Also out of all the girls, your sister is the favorite? I mean you kinda got that hill billy vibe going dude. Kissing cousins. Only he wants to kiss his sister, which is both bad btw. 

Admit me to Radley already. 


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