Thursday, March 12, 2015

Throw On A Suit Get It Tapered Up #DressLikeJavaris #TopMan

  I always get the same email about suits. Something along the lines of "How do I get a suit to fit". Well, that's actually a good question. Don't feel bad about it. The answer is, tapered.

Kobe Bryant once admitted, “My suit game changed completely after doing my GQ shoot. It’s really a golden moment when your suit fits nice and slim, and that includes your shirt and tie and even your shoes. It all needs to slim down -- that realization was eye opening for me."

You can have a really nice suit, best money can buy. If you don't have it tailored, it will look like shit. It won't suit and you will be out here looking like a knock-off Steve Harvey. Without the money, TV show and the strong opinion on things. 

 Sidenote: I'm not picking on this dude. Using as a example.

Take the man above.The suit he is wearing is really not that bad. It can be better. Not really that bad is great for things like, actually really not that bad, is always a bad thing. 

The pants are too baggy and the suit jacket is too long. He looks like a mobster from the 50's. Also of note. The pockets are to wide. Which leaves to the annoying flapping of the pocket.  The sleeves are off too. The way the under shirt hangs is a no-no. You want it to, for one be the same length. It makes you look lazy. That's not how you want to look. I want you to look clean, edgy and a man about his 

With that being said. Click the banner below and enjoy some suits, made for you. 

 Topman - Dress to Impress

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