Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I Can't Wait For Empire Tonight #Empire #Fox

  I wrote about this show a couple weeks ago.  I would ask if you been watching but according to the numbers, everybody been watching. This has to be the only show where the viewership goes up each week. The show gets a million more viewers a week. Bringing last week to 18.96 million. That's 10 million more viewers then the lead in show, American Idol. Welp.  

Tonight is going to be crazy. It's been a battle from the start and the crash is here. So many twist and turns have been hitting us in the face. Jamal having a kid with Raven, but he's gay. For some reason I knew it wasn't his. That wasn't a shocker. What was, was the fact that it was his father baby. Wait,what?!? You had sex with this women and passed her off to your son? Oh,wow. 

Then we have Cookie. Good ole Cookie. She is playing with fire and as we know she likes to burn. You can't be messing with the help. You gonna get that man fired. Maybe killed?

Speaking of killing:

 Andre is about as crazy as a dog who thinks he is a cat. Andre might really think he is a cat. Or something along them lines. Did he really put the gun to his head in a studio alone. Was he trying to find the family gift at the end of a gun? That's such a odd place to try and kill yourself. Was your house full? You losing it man, you losing it. Take your pills. 

 What is going to happen to Boo-Boo Kitty? I didn't like her when it started. I didn't have a funny feel, I just didn't like her. She walked around and acted like a stick was in her booty. She just didn't stick. We know why she didn't stick. Trader that she is. Wonder if she will be getting beat up. 'Coldest winter ever' style. 

That's about enough of my random for now. 

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