Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm Hooked On The Lying Game

I'm sure you all have been like me at one time or another. You see something on TV and you way to lazy to check out the show on your own. Would be two years before you even think about checking the show out. That's how it was with me and The Lying Game. I didn't want to check this show out, wasn't even going to check it out. My friend asked me to watch it, asked and asked. I forgot for about another 2 weeks before I watched the show. I'm here to say that I am HOOKED. This show is wrote by the same people that wrote Pretty Little Liars and we all know how much I love Pretty Little Liars.
I found myself watching episode after episode. I finished off the seasons on Netflix and cleaned out the ones on ABC Family. I'm at the episode that came on yesterday.

If you haven't seen the Lying Game before, let me tell you a little about it. The Lying Game is a show about two girls that are twins. One twin lives with a rich family, while the other lives in a pretty shitty home. Bad mother and other events makes her run away to visit her twin. I want to write more but I don't want to give away much, so check it out.  

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