Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spencer Mind Went Boom #PrettyLittleLiars

I said in my last post that "Spencer is losing her mind". Well her mind is long gone now after last night's pretty little liars.  On last tonight’s show the pretty little liars was looking for answers in all of the wrong places in “Out of Sight, Out of Mind.” Spencer was finally ready to talk, but Emily is not so ready to accept what she has to say.
Spencer came out and told everybody that Toby was working with "A", actually she said that he was "A" but I think different about that.  When she told them everybody looked shocked but not Emily,she was pissed? She didn't like the fact that Spencer would even suggest that Toby was "A" and question Spencer to death. "How do you know" "That means nothing" she yells and   acts as if she the one that was dating/sexing Toby and not  Spencer. 

That kinda mad me mad that she wouldn't believe Spencer. She told you she caught him in her house. She put the facts out for Emily and she still didn't believe. Emily was full of it last night.    

This stuff was really pushing on Spencer mind. The crazy clock was ticking and ticking, ticking so much that Spencer needed to get into the hotbox to chill her mind. She gets in and close her eyes and you see a flash of a body go by, shit about to get real. Nothing happens at first she is in there and starts to get out. Tries to turn down the heat and it shoots up to 100, that's hot. She pays it no mind and tries to leave. 

Only to find out that the door is blocked by a stick. Blocked, trapped in a box. This should be nothing new to Spencer seeing that she always gets the short end of the luck stick. So she does what everybody trapped in a house alone do, she yells for help. 

She might as well be in space at this point cause nobody can hear you scream. The one that can is not really going to save you. This goes on for a while and out of nowhere Aria shoots in to save her, why she there? Anyway Aria moves the stick and Spencer rolls out. Hot pocket. 

They all meet up at the coffee shop and Spencer and Aria re-calls what happens and Emily, just like earlier is not having it. Saying that it was MonA, which can't be true seeing that MonA and the rest of the school team was in New York at the time. At this point Emily thinks that gold pops out of Toby ass. 

Emily starts to search for Toby cause you know being told by Spencer that Toby is nowhere to be found is not true to her.She starts at Toby loft and surprise he is not there. Even Hannah knew that was a stupid idea as she just sits there watching TV while Emily runs around. Next via Hannah advice she goes by Toby's parents house. She gets to the house and it's mail stacked up in the mailbox showing that they haven't been home in awhile. Then Toby truck pulls up. Emily rushes down and somebody that's not Toby jumps out.  She ask him have he seen Toby and he says that Toby been out of town and that he asked him to watch the truck for him. If you out of town, you can't take your truck?

Emily being Emily keeps searching right to the police department. He talks to her mom and she tells her what everybody else been saying "I don't trust Toby". She gets mad and her mom goes to do something so she starts to use the police computer to track him down. I'm not really sure if she finds anything but she gets a text from Toby. "Stop searching I need you" he text. 

That fades out and Spencer fades in. Earlier in the day she told MonA that if she touch any of her friends and that she will hurt her. Spencer follows MonA on into the night. MonA car stops and she runs off into the woods. Spencer follows. This is where it gets odd. It's something like a camp fire or something like that around where Spencer stops, and a body. Spencer gets close and you see the body laying on the ground and has the same tattoo as Toby. She starts to cry and lends forward. You hear "He's Dead" from MonA as Spencer starts to try to lift the helmet. Spencer starts chasing MonA and not fast enough. She finds herself in the middle of the woods on her knees crying. 

 If Toby dead then who is meeting Emily? Well the answer to that is nobody. Emily goes to the place that the person told her to meet her at and she waits till 9 for this meet up that was to happen at 7. She starts to get ready to go and she spots a person in a red hoodies walking past, walking fast. 

She gets out and follows that person, the red hoodie pops into a workshop and Emily pops into it too. Finds nobody wearing a red hoodie but spots the dude from earlier. They get to talking and he tells her that nobody have been thought in hours, which is a lie. 

Then what makes matter creepy is when he calls her by her name. "How you know my name" she ask "You told it to me earlier". Emily knows that's a lie and she gets the hell out of dodge. She goes to the car and finds that her window has been smash and a note left for her. She opens it and finds a letter "Toby is no more"-A along with a packet that they give out when you die. 

They cut again and it's morning and you see two polices talking about a crazy person found in the woods shaking. They say she has no I.D. and is placed in the jeep, the camera spins around and you see Spencer shaking. Her mind went boom. 

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