Friday, September 27, 2013

My Favorite Breaking Bad Moments: Face Off #BreakingBad

After failing to kill Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) via car bomb, Walter (Bryan Cranston) removes the bomb and asks Jesse (Aaron Paul) if he knows of a place that Gus frequents that does not have security cameras. Before Jesse can think, he is approached by Detectives Kalanchoe (Gonzalo Menendez) and Munn (Jason Douglas) and taken to the police station, where they proceed to question him about his knowledge of Brock's ricin poisoning. Saul (Bob Odenkirk) has gone into hiding, so Walter breaks into his office for his help, where Saul's secretary Francesca (Tina Parker) asks for $25,000 in exchange for Saul's contact information. 

Walter goes home to retrieve the cash, but suspects hitmen may be waiting for him. After asking his neighbor to check on the house, he spots two men fleeing from the backyard, confirming his suspicions. Walter retrieves the money before the hitmen can spot him.

Jesse is interrogated for a long time about the ricin, but he claims that it was a lucky guess. Having been contacted by Walter, Saul finally arrives. Jesse tells Saul that Gus often visits Hector (Mark Margolis) to taunt him, which Saul relays to Walter. Upon learning that he and Gus are long time enemies, Walter visits Hector and offers him a chance to kill Gus. Hector contacts the DEA, where he insists on talking directly to Hank (Dean Norris), but he just curses at Hank through his translator and is quickly brought back to the nursing home. Tyrus (Ray Campbell) observes Hector's arrival at the DEA, assumes he is turning informant and phones Gus, who decides to kill him. Tyrus inspects Hector's room for anything suspicious but finds it safe for Gus' visit, failing to spot Walter just outside. Jesse is released from police custody after Brock's diagnosis reveals that he was not poisoned by ricin, and is immediately kidnapped by Gus' thugs and brought to the lab to cook the next batch of meth.

Gus and Tyrus corner Hector in his room. Gus asks Hector to finally look at him, which is something Hector refuses to do during Gus' taunting visits. As Gus prepares to inject Hector with poison, Hector finally looks at him with rage in his eyes, and begins ringing his bell numerous times. Gus realizes the bell is connected to Walter's car bomb under Hector's wheelchair and the bomb explodes, killing Tyrus and Hector instantly. Gus walks out of the room, calmly adjusting his tie appearing to be unharmed; but the camera then pans to reveal that half of his face and scalp were torn completely off in the explosion. He then collapses and dies as care home staff come running to the site of the explosion. Walter hears the news of the explosion on the radio and is relieved that his plan to draw Gus out into the open and kill him apparently worked. He then heads to the lab, kills two of Gus' henchmen stationed there, and burns down the lab with Jesse.

Later, Jesse tells Walter that Brock will live, and that he was poisoned by the berries of the Lily of the Valley plant, since children sometimes eat it because of its sweet taste. Although Jesse questions killing Gus because he never poisoned anyone after all, Walter assures Jesse that it had to be done. Walter calls Skyler (Anna Gunn), who is learning of the explosion from the news, along with the rest of the family; Walt tells her everything is safe, and that he "won". The episode ends with a shot of Walter's back yard showing a potted Lily of the Valley plant towards which Walter's gun was pointed in the previous episode.

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