Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Jacob

The day before Jacobs birthday is always a odd one for me. Like I know the day is coming. In fact I be pretty happy about it. The thing that makes the day odd is that Jacob and I could have shared the same day. Mine is the 9th and Jacobs is the 17th. 8 days apart from each other. If only your Mom would have pushed you out sooner. Jacob still a Virgo, so that's a plus. 

The first thoughts of Jacob that always will ring in my head for my whole life is that at the start of his life, he was fighting for it. Around like two he was in and out the hospital. I remember I was on the phone with Jeem and she was talking about how he was trying to break out the bed. That was the day he started getting his super powers. Jacob is a pretty strong kid.  So strong that he had to use the door to do pulls up. He gets that from his mother. He also gets the toughness and goofy ways from her too. Always getting hurt. In the most random ways. I love this kid.  I always say that I'm Saint Joseph to his Jesus Christ. I mean that and I stand by that. I will always stay true to my word. Happy Birthday Jacob, let's go get some apples juice and Spider man stickers all on me. 

Your mom wrote you something too http://www.wordsbyladyg.com/2013/09/my-birthday-boy.html

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