Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Ten Artist To Watch At iTunes Music Festival #iTunesFestival.

Today kicks off the start of the iTunes music festival.The iTunes Festival is an annual, month-long music festival and concert series which takes place in September at The Roundhouse art centre in London. Sponsored by Apple Inc., it was first held in 2007. Tickets are given away free to iTunes users and fans in the UK through prize-draw competitions. Applications for tickets can be submitted both in the iTunes Store and official app. Performances are also streamed live for free and available to view afterwards for a limited time on iTunes, Apple TV and via the app.
US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store
If you like me, you want to check out the whole lineup and pick the days your favorite artist are going on.  I put together a list of the artist that I'm looking forward too. 

Sir Elton John, can I have the glasses? I like them. I wouldn't wear them tho. I just want them. His day is the 12th of the month. It's the best day out of them all. I hope he opens up with "Tiny Dancer" then goes into a little "Candle In The Wind" follow that up with "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues". We would be here all day if I keep going. Just know that he will be bring down the house. 

Janelle Monae (14th)
John Lengend (28th)

Not only is Hayley Williams a lover of Sanquon, she is also in a band. Maybe you heard of them, Paramore ? They take the stage on the 4th. 

Kendrick Lamar(19th)
Robin Thicke(24th)
Kings Of Leon(11th)

You ever wonder what it would sound like it a model was to rap? Well that's Iggy Azalea. An rapping model, kinda. I first heard about her on youtube. She would be in something tight and rapping with this heavy battle voice. She wasn't just all looks, she could rap. She blew up off her song "Pussy" and from there she got a modeling job with Levi's. Pretty good, huh? She hits the runway  stage on the 30th. 

Lady Gaga (1st)
Justin Timberlake (29th)

For the full list of people that will be there head over to

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