Friday, September 27, 2013

Word To The Wise W/Ghadir: My Little Man

My Little Man
Mother my son into a man! That statement alone attracts many judgmental eyes to pierce plain mockery of my troubled adversity.

Where do I begin? How do I look into my baby’s eyes and assure him his manhood when I, a woman, was not taught the elements of what a true man consists of?

“He’ll be okay”, they say!

“Start dating so you can find a male figure for him” they say!

“You should’ve stayed married to his father” they say!

I don’t know whether I should cry for my son or for the ignorant opinions these people spill.

Sounds like a typical single mother’s dilemma, huh?

I am here to tell you it’s not! The vision I have for my son is different.

Yes, it would be easier to follow the crowd. Excuse my son with the same excuses the world uses to justify the painful cycle in which our young and troubled generation lives by! Excuses like: “You only live once”, or “Single parent homes are more common now”, “You don’t do certain things right, because you didn’t have a dad/mom around”, “My dad/mom left, why can’t I?” The list goes on.

Many years from now, I may not have a clue how to teach my son about shaving his beard, or how to fix cars, or the rules of certain sports, etc… One thing I know for sure, I will hold his little hands right now and grow with him through prayer for guidance. We will both learn through mistakes and experience, one year at a time.

I will not give up on you my son!

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