Thursday, September 5, 2013

Super Powers

I'm a big fan of No Ordinary Family  I loved the show when it was on. It keep me hooked with the twisting and spinning of the story line. It had potential to be a great show. Too bad it got canceled. Right when it was getting good. I mean R.....Let me not spoil it for you guys. 

Anyway on the show the family gets super powers. Now everybody gets only one unique power. Rather it's running at the speed of light. Super strength, or the ability to read other people minds. 

I did a little thinking on what I would want my super hero powers to be. At first I thought that it would be running at the speed of light. That would get me two things. 1.The ability to be anywhere in the drop of a dime. 2. Being able to eat whatever I want when I want, non-stop. Why you ask?  It's about to get nerdy. You see when you run at the speed of light, you also lose energy and burn weight fast. Faster then the normal, cause you running at the speed of light. Duh. So naturally you would need to load up on the food before and after a sprint around the states. That's the down side of the speed of light running. You can't run across water. So you stuck in the states unless you fly. Or can you run on water? Hmmm. Joking, you really can't. Unless you Baby Jesus. 

Another down side is that you might run into somebody, something. Like a truck. Out of nowhere  Can you even see clear while you are running? I don't know. I do know it's clear that's not the one I want. 

I think the one I would want first is flying. Would have the ability to get anywhere at drop of a dime, same as moving at the speed of light. Only I will be above everything so it would be no running into anything and no limit to where I can go. The whole world at my feet. 
I know a lot of people say they would want super strength  That's a wasteful power. In so many words, how much fighting you think you doing daily that you would be putting that power to work.

My final power would be, the smartest person in the world. The smartest person the world has ever seen. I would take this and for one. Building upon what technology already done so far. I would help find a cure for Aids, cancer, Lupus and anything else that need solving

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