Thursday, May 22, 2014

Enough With The Prank Videos.


I posted awhile back about a dude that was pulling pranks. I think his name was something along the lines of "FunniestInPhilly". What he was doing was, pulling up on people and then acting as if he is about to rob them. Pulling out a gun and everything. As I said for that I will say again. Keep this kiddy shit to yourself. It's not even funny. Having people fear for they life is not funny. It's a reason why nobody laughs at the movies of people being killed. Cut it out. 

Now to this video. Most of you know this stupid man. He do this thing called "Russian Hitman" along with a couple other pranks. In this prank he goes to the "Hood" (his words not mine) and places a briefcase on people at random and walks away. As he is walking away he goes "The mission is done" something like that. 

The thing that piss me off about videos like this and other prank videos, are that you want to play the victim when you get your ass beat down. As this is going on your hear him talking about 'call the cops'. Little does he know, he is the one that found his self being locked up. You not only got locked up but the bomb squad had to come. Again, your jokes are only joke to you and your stupid friends. Oh, and the middle school kids that watch your videos.

This is not funny. Having people think that you sticking a bomb to them. What the hell did you think was going to happen? They wasn't going to say "hahah blow me up". Fuck out of here.  

 Then we have this fool. Who is scaring the lady down the street. This is already a bad idea. Then to make it even worse, he got a kid with him. Even he think this is the stupidest thing ever. 

Y'all got to chill out with doing everything for Youtube and other social media. 

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