Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Five Underrated Shows You Should Be Watching

  It's always great to try something new. You never know what will come from it. You might actually like it. As a TV lover I wanted to share a couple of shows that you might not be watching. Game of Thrones, not on the list. We all been watching that.  This is a wood sword away from that. We all need a break from the chopping of the heads, from time to time.

 Playing House
I said this just the other day. USA Network knows how to pick a show. They really can't miss. I can't think of a show that USA have put out and said "Wow, that suck". They have the strongest line up. Playing House adds to the hits. 

This show is pretty funny, It 'be banging' as they like to say on the show. When single mother-to-be Maggie ends her marriage upon discovering her husband's affair with a woman online, she turns to her best friend Emma for support. In order to help Maggie in her time of need, Emma gives up her successful business in China to return to their hometown of Pinebrook, and help her friend raise her unborn baby.

Trust me, when you see how her husband is cheating, you will die laughing. 

Silicon Valley
 For some reason, I thought this show was going to be dark. Not in color but as in subject matter. With a hint of funny. It's better then I thought it would be. Was sold on the show when I heard the name. "Yes, nerd show. Love it.". It lives up to the billing. Has a little of the nerd stuff and lots of the funny. 

The show follows Richard Hendriks a shy, reclusive programmer for Hooli (a large corporation) living in a house in Palo Alto. He lives there under an "incubation" program run by Erlich Bachman. Bachman, despite the sale of his prior app Aviato, seeks parties and drug use rather than offering sound advice and guidance for his startups.

 The only reason that you would be watching this is because of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Stop right there and just pop the show in. Well, type in your info for HBO Go and Go wild.How can you not love JLF? Greatest 53 year old alive. 

If you need anymore reasons beside the biggest one. You should watch this show because it's basically how we know think the government is ran. You know, just telling just what we want to hear.

Selina Meyer: a former Maryland Senator and one-time presidential candidate. She often feels powerless, disregarded and discontented in her position as second in command. Her relation with the President is portrayed as a strained one. She is divorced with one daughter, however remains romantically entangled with her ex-husband

The Challenge
It's a couple of things that make the day better. One of them being laughing. Where can you get a good laugh? Well, MTV is a start, Long gone are the days of showing music videos. They now fill the hours of the day with 'shows'. Yeah, I used ''. 

Anyways. It's always refreshing to watch a little bit of reality tv. The Challenge being my choice. The reason why you should watch this show is because of the fights for the money. 

Not fighting as in punching. That would be great too. Fights as in completing in connection as team to finish a goal.  Sometime it's flag football, other times it's a battle of the minds. Either way, it's always funny, 

 I was just talking about this one the other, day. Sirens Is Laugh Out Loud Funny 

Well. that's my list for now.
What's the five shows you think people should start watching? Leave a comment or tweet me @JavarisIsOnMars

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