Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sirens Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

  I been meaning to post about this show. 10 episodes ago.  It's just been so good that I forgot. It seem as if USA can't miss.Each show that they bring out, brings it. It's this one scene where they are responding to a call from a life alert (The I fallen and can't get up). So they rush over there to save the person. They knock and no answers, but they hear a moan of pain? So they kick in the door and BOOM. Old people sex. Yes, old people sex. Two older people getting it in. Grandpa was hitting it from the back and the Life Alert was swinging and hitting the.... You know what. Let's stop right there.

 If you haven't seen this show then you need to hop on, On Demand right now and check it out. It's pretty funny.

The series follows the work lives of three Chicago EMTs with the Eminent Ambulance Company and the unusual—often crude or humorous—situations and people in need of their assistance.

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