Saturday, May 17, 2014

Nike LeBron 11 “2K14”

  In a bid to further integrate retail into the gaming world, Nike has created a limited edition 2K14 version of the Nike LeBron 11s. The innovative sneaker was done in partnership between LeBron and Nike Basketball for James’s NBA2K14 game, where 2,014 gamers will have the chance to unlock the boldly patterned kicks, earning themselves a physical pair. The emphasis is on the “earning” as gamers will have to complete several in-game milestones that include winning 60 games and creating a personal signature shoe within the game’s Nike Innovation Kitchen. The 11s themselves are just as wild a concept with its jungle cat print alongside deep red hues for the upper, symbolizing the heart of a lion. The offering is now in play with the select winners to receive the first announcement from Nike this Saturday night.

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