Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day Ghadir

  Roses die,candy melts and action speaks louder than words. A million paragraphs can't match the feeling the JJ's and I have for you.

So we leave you with our support and care. We put this together to show you that not only do we love you, but we believe in you. So we come to you today to add another amazing thing into an already amazing legacy that is Lady Godiva.

We give you something that will last forever. Before the years of the youth. Past the days of the last poem you write. Beyond the sky and water that crash against the rocks, as somebody sitting sea side takes another sip of ice tea as they read your blog.

Something that can be shared and loved by all. The reason that God put us all on this earth. The reason you give a homeless man your last dime. The reason you pray for the weak and uplift the souls of the lost. We give you love. Because diamonds get lost and cars break down and things are just that 'Things', We give you our love and support.

We bring to you today something that you deserve. We bring to you LOVE.  Everything else fades, but Luvaholics are forever.


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