Kanye West Gives A Fan Some Yeezy Boosts #adidas #KanyeWest

7:00 PM

Sorry about the title. That was the best way I could fit all that in there. Anyways. Kanye seem pretty happy. So happy that he made a fans day. As he's walking in the airport a fan walks up and gets more then a photo. He got sneakers.  “If I could give you these [Yeezy Boosts] right now, would you throw those in the trash?” Kanye ask the kid. He answers with a "Yeah,Yeah I would.' Something along that line. So Ye tells him he will mail him some and the guard takes his info down and he's set. He even got a nice picture with Kim. Sneakers, Conversation and a pic. Now that's a pretty good day.   

Sidenote: Shoutout to the camera man. He was helping out. Like a wingman. That other camera man tho, chill out dude. Asking questions. 

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