Monday, February 9, 2015

Thanks Saul #BetterCallSaul

 Last night BCS was great. I try not to throw that word around. I say things was cool. I say things are dope. Great, I hold off on great. I like for it to hold it taste. Like good age cheese. Or is that wine? Yeah, wine.

Cause who wants to eat old cheese. Ew.  Even old cinnamon rolls for that matter. I have to break the great word out for this one. Better Call Saul was great last night. It opened with the hint at Saul  famous words from Breaking Bad. From there we went on a deep exploration into the life of Saul before he actually became Saul. When he was Jimmy. He looks like a Jimmy. It was only the first episode but this show  is shaping up to be pretty TIGHT,TIGHT,TIGHT. 

(Thanks AMC for the promo pictures. I have two ID's. Nice. One actually has my height right on it.)

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