Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The U.S. Home Kit Was The Promblem Not The Away #Nike #USMNT

  One of the worst kept secrets has been that the U.S will be changing the kits.It's like they told the school gossip Queen. Everybody knew about this. It started when the home kit started to go on sale. At one point, it hit the 30 dollar mark. Still was too much for that blah.


 The away never went down. That's the one I want. That's the good one. So today kinda was a shocker, Nike put out the new away kit. It's okay, it's not bad. I, just like everybody else wanted a change to the home. The home is blah. It looks like our soccer team is about to play a round of golf. It didn't scream USA like the old ones did. This one has no pride to it. Frankly they look like the Klan without hoods on. With all that white the home kit has. 

 Hopefully the home gets changed cause as I stated, nobody likes it. Also let's get the old away on sale. I need two.


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