Friday, December 18, 2015

Complex ‘Sold Out’ Documentary #Supreme

This week Complex has been putting out parts of a documentary. Titled 'Sold Out" It was four parts and they did the easy work for me by putting all four into one. As it should have been to began with. The documentary focus on the New York power brand, Supreme.  

Now Supreme is a brand that I really don't care for. The hype for it never seems to be due. The clothes are basic and the roll out is even worse. This focus on the reselling of the brand. This is one of the biggest brand that people resell.  Wait in lines for hours to get a piece of the brand. I respect the hustle of Supreme. They have been limited edition from the start and still is. 

What a re-seller does is this: Wait in line for hours and I really mean hours. Somethings days. They buy loads of the product and post it online to sale. This is where most finds the problem. They jack up the price 500%. Let's say you want a Supreme shirt, if you miss the release you would have to find the shirt thru other means. Ebay for example. Well, you missing that 40 dollar shirt will now hit your pockets for $468. On the bright side, the shipping is free.  That's on the lower level of prices. 

The crazy thing about this is people pay the prices. Cause they just got to have this. What reseller compares it to crack. I believe that is one great example. Cause I really don't get this.

To be clear, I don't knock the resellers. Make the money off the people that live for the hype. That's the nice way of calling people stupid. You stupid for paying that price.  

The one reseller that seem like he's a cool dude is Andre. His IG is  (@SoleStreetSneakerCo)
The other one is Thug Hogan (@itsracks


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