Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Save The Holidays: Get Him Something Fancy For Christmas

 As we sit now. We're 23 days till Christmas. Are you ready? You should be ready since the middle of last month with all the commercials. At this point, we will be seeing all this in September. Matter fact. Don't ruin my birthday month like that. Chill 

Anyways. Today I'm here to show you something that will make your boyfriend love you forever. Fighting the feeling to quote Outkast right now. Every man needs to own a suit. I'm trying something pretty different with this one.  This is something I can see somebody wearing to the Play Boy mansion. If you buying this for your boyfriend, he better not be going to the Play Boy mansion. I got y'all back. He better be wearing this to dinner,with you. 

Navy leather look brief case
Since we being pretty fancy, you need this pretty fancy leather brief case, Letting people know that when you out here, you really about your business. I'm really feeling this and the look of the leather is always a nice touch. Plus having two ways you can carry is always great. Just please use the handle. That's it. Unless you running for some reason. 

 Light wash ripped stretch.
For this look. I'm feeling like this needs to be lighter on the pants. When you see the jacket, you will know what I mean by this. If I was to go suit pants feel, it would be too much. I hate the people that do too much. We being cool on this one. 

 Bead and leather bracelets
This doesn't really go with anything. They will just be fly for whenever. I can see this when you have like a t-shirt. That's what I would match with this. It makes the t-shirt stand out more. Cause I hate having my arms naked.

 Noose and monkey black blazer
This is the jacket I was telling y'all about. This is the jacket we going to try something new with this one. I get the 80's pimp vibe to it. Only they would have pants to match. Again, doing too much. Never do too much. Keep it simple when you getting fancy. 

I shouldn't find any shoes to go with this one. But the ones I have in mind in my closet is some tan loafers. The ones right here.  Still sold out.

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