Monday, December 14, 2015

Thanks For Nothing Derek Carr #FantasyFootball

If this wasn't the year of the QB for me, I don't know what would be. This have been one crazy season. First Alex Smith wanted to ruin my season, early.  I made it past that week and took another blow as Jamal Charles went down. I thought the plus side of that would be that I didn't have to ever watch another Chiefs game this year. God, the games were ugly. Alex Smith had to be one of the most scared QB's in the world. It worked for me. I didn't have him as my QB and when he got scared he would dump it to my guy JC for the easy points. I play in an PPR league. If you remember Cam Newton saved my season last week. Bringing me to 8 and 5, matching the number of bombs he dropped on the Saints. 

That was last week. I would like to welcome you to this week. The more I think about it, the more I should add to the title. I would like to thank the Atlanta Falcons for nothing.  Nothing at all. The Atlanta Falcons are the team I cheer for and most of the time pray for. By most of the time, I mean like 99%. They suck this year. Started hot and went as cold as booty in winter. Word to Method Man. 

Being real about the game. Actually let me jump back really fast. I spend around three days thinking who to start. Cooper or Watkins. Watkins of David Johnson. Murray or Johnson. I was going back and fourth and on the season as a whole, the only risk to start would have been Sammy Watkins. He was hit or miss and nothing between. 

Thursday Night Football came and I left David Johnson on the bench. He got 17 points. It didn't piss me off. Cause just as fast as he got 17 he could have did bad. No sweat off my back. 

Back to the Falcons. So I knew that the Falcons would not win the game. I seen them play all my life. I enter the games without high hopes as they took as many L's as Meek Mill. I just wanted the Falcons to stay in the game. Score some TD's. I have Julio and I want to not see his season get wasted. 

The game started about as bad and as good as it can. Jonathan Stewart on my Fantasy team and when he broke for 40. I jumped for joy and punched the sky later. He went on to score the TD and here we go. Falcons about to come right back at them. It's on. I'll save you the highlights, cause it wasn't any highlights. Not even one. The Falcons rolled over and went into a ball hoping the damn game would end. 

I don't know if people that bet on games bet on teams they love but I for one, hated to see my team get ran over. Cam Newton is my QB in fantasy and he had 3 TD's at halftime. Yay? I guess. I was feeling sick. I started to feel a different sick when the Falcons was getting beat so bad that Cam sat basically the rest of the game. There goes my points. 22 is cool but he would have had 50 at this rate.  Julio, like always not being used by the Falcons as he clocked in 15 points and no TD. Check this out. The damn team didn't even have him in on a 4th down at the goal line. Okay, this is not about to be a rant about the Falcons. I'll move on. 

I'll move on to the Raiders.  Remember when I said that watching Alex Smith was painful? Well, Derek Carr was worse yesterday. Most of the blame can be placed on the line, I know this. Still  Cooper was open on most of the plays and he wasn't getting the ball. At all. He ended the day with a fucking doughnut. Zero points. Zero. I have a chart for you. 

This is not the most up to date but you get the point. I don't know what Cooper and Carr are going thru but AC/DC need to get it together. Let me not forget about Murray. He didn't get me a doughnut but he got me two bread sticks. Two points. The funny thing about this, he scored a TD but they called the most bullshit false start ever. The line was really not holding up yesterday. 

I ended the day with 104 to his 85. Thanks in part to Russel throwing 5 TD's for him. He had Hopkins and Gronk left to play. 19 points was the different that he needed the two to make up. 20 to win. They wasn't even sure that Gronk was even going to play in the game. I was worried more about Hopkins then anything.

Welp. To have this long story short. Gronk got 18 and Hopinks chipped in 8. I would have won if Cooper and Murray would have done more or anything for the Radiers. I would have also won if I started David Johnson. Who knew that the leader for rookie of the year would have the QB that can't see. 

Season over. Thanks for nothing

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