Monday, September 4, 2017

Guerrilla Warfare #DressLikeJavaris

 Did you know that Mike Tyson used to pay Steve Fitch back in 1999 $300,000 to dress in fatigues and shout "guerrilla warfare" at all of his press conferences?


I can't wait. I can't wait to finally get this new collection out to y'all. Look at me taking my time. I know everybody is mad but we putting some final touches on the collection. Trust me. It's gonna be worth the wait. Hang in there. Anyways. Somebody asked me what I wear on lazy days. I don't know what "lazy" days mean. I'm never lazy. Well, I try not to ever be. So I put together this since I was wearing it today. I seem to keep it more casual on Sunday. Fun fact: I wore this to the country club. 

This one is from our collection last summer. I made the promise to make some clothes that a lot of y'all can wear to school. So here we go. I have been doing good (If I do say so myself) of mixing the regular SanQuon with some mild SanQuon. This just a statement tee. So people know what's up. Let them know. 

Nah, you don't really understand the love I have for this jogger. I mean you don't. You really don't know. I remember I got some joggers that were kinda like these. They weren't from a big brand but I got them. Being not that big of a big brand, wanted to support another not so big brand. 

Talk about wasting money. I got the joggers and not only did they not feel right they almost cut my nuts off. Them things were tight. I forget the blog post I made on the blog but adidas saw it and hooked me up with these bad boys. Same size and everything. 

 H&M bracelets like always.  

At first, I was going to color block. Maybe some all black Tubular (Primeknit). Backed out of that idea and rolled with the EQT. Now the EQT has the same cloud foam as the QT racer. The cloud is so easy to clean. I wore them thinking I might get a game in. 

Nah. Everybody was too many swimming. 

Shirt: Sanquon
Pants: adidas
Sneakers: adidas
Bracelets: H&M

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