Thursday, September 21, 2017

Jet Flyin’ Son Of A Gun #DressLikeJavaris

First off. Glad to see you doing better Ric Flair. No sickness can keep your ass. You do the ass kicking. Now I don't know why God passed this along to me but allow me to pass it along to you. Chalk Line. Where were you when I was in high school? Actually, no. Where were you when I was in middle school. This is that shit that I needed. The ultimate flex.  It would have been bad in high school. Imagine walking into class with Ric Flair playing. I would have been the worst. 

HIgh School was around the time when the race car jackets were the thing to have. Everybody walking around with just any and every racing team. Not me, I watched NASCAR. I wouldn't be caught dead in nobody jacket. I only rock with two and two only.  Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon. Dale may he rest in peace died before I was in high school. His jackets really weren't something to be found at that time. Retro really wasn't (isn't?) a thing in NASCAR. 

So I was only rolling with the Dupont Gordon jacket. Which was fine with me. Plus I don't think my mother was going to buy two. 

Till this day this is still the hardest jacket. I just knew I was flexin' with this one. I had the shirt too. I never wore both at the same time. That would just be wild.  I had to get this one again. For history.

Which one do you like more? Ric or Jeff? The jackets, not the people. Cause we all know that's Ric Flair. Although Jeff does love hip hop. 

Anyways. Let me know on Twitter/Instagram what you picked up this week.

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