Thursday, September 14, 2017

Nike Air Trainer (1996 Atlanta) Brought Me Here

Man, the rabbit holes I always find myself going down on the internet. I never know why I'm there but I always end up where I didn't start. Like today. I was watching some video about NBA 2k18 and ended up watching countless amounts of "IT" videos. I was watching videos about shit that wasn't in the new movie, that was worst in the book and all that. For no reason. Oh, I also read the book, yeah that's right here.  

Anyways, I went down another hole today. One that I have been meaning to slide into.  It started with GA Followers posting about the restock of the Nike Air Trainer (1996 Atlanta). I click the link and it's gonna be FCFS at Lenox Mall so count me out. Never that serious.

 That's not the hole I ran down. The one I ran down is the post that followed this one.  Sneaker boxes. The Shoe Game had this post asking about the way people store sneakers. Lots of savages still keep the sneakers stacked up in the OG box. I have too many shoes to do that. That's too much work. I use clear boxes with the drop down. I would be all day looking through the boxes to find the sneaker I need. I also found a box plug from this post too. 

 From that post, I landed on this post. This one got me to thinking. Do I need this right here? Have I passed the need for them? Cause looking at their website, the price would be too high. Too damn high. Plus with a number of sneakers I have. That might be too tacky.
 I'm in love though. I love what they have done with this. As somebody that has used a  shoe rack. I know (we) all know that them things are not made for sneakers. Shoe rack says it holds 30 and it ends up with 8.  I'm happy with the cheap clear boxes but I might get a couple of the shoe stacks. Get about three for the office. My favorite would be sold out. 

Makes sure you check out all the links and let me know what other sites I need to fall down into. 


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