Thursday, September 21, 2017

Porkchopettii #OneLastBite

This some of that in the kitchen whipping.  You know I didn't know that fish and spaghetti was an actual thing that people eat together?  Like I thought it was just an odd ass rap line from G-Dep "When you ready? Shit, I was born ready. And I was already on fish and spaghetti". Apparently, it's a luxury thing. Just sounds nasty to me. One, I not that big on fish, unless it's fried. If it is fried, it better be catfish. No nuggets. 

I don't know. The angle of this lowkey makes it look like I'm eating fish. Whole. Anyways, This was something I just whipped in the kitchen. The plan was to make a burrito bowl. I had this nicely cut pork chop. With no bone. Laid it out to marinate. I just knew this was about to be some fine dining. Too bad I didn't check to see if I had anything to make the bowl. 

So now with my face on stupid. I had to think fast. I was ready to eat. That's how the "porkchopettii" came about. It's pretty simple. 

1 Porkchop
Parmesan cheese.

This where we jump off the meat rack. The sauce is homemade. I only cook two days a week so I can't phone it in on one of the two days. This the recipe I used.


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