Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Karl Lagerfeld x Vans Capsule Collection

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I Love 2017 so much.It's leading to this world where you see everybody doing things together. Everybody becoming best friends and doing karate in the garage. With the landspace as it is right now, it seems to be safe to come into worlds that are not of your own.  Vans have been killing it and this is just showing off. Getting the fashion idol that is Karl Lagerfeld and letting him do magic on some sneakers. 

What I love about it all is that he didn't hold back. He didn't cop out and just throw some checkers across and collect his money and go home.  Karl didn't come to play. Available 9.7.17

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 I can't wait to give this bag to Princess. She about to be styling on everybody at school.  This has to be my second favorite piece from the collection.  This all black with the pattern is perfect for her. Giving her the high-class look while she still gets to stay 10.

 "Have you ever had shoes without shoe strings?". Now, this is the one I love most from the collection. The black leather with the white outing. You can give the biggest flex ever with these that shows off the famous Karl name.

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