Saturday, October 7, 2017

How Bout Dem Dawgs #DressLikeJavaris #GoDawgs

It's Saturday and it's the south. So you know what time it is. Like right now. As I write this.It's football time. I'm currently watching the Dawgs play and it's 45 to 7 against Vandy. I really don't think I need to tell you who has the 45. Cause I won't. You should know. 

Anyways. I'm shocked it took me this long to do a post like this. Better late then never, I guess. Never late is never. 

I been the biggest of fans since I hopped out my mommy. So I have this massive amount of UGA stuff. Too much. So we can get another one. If you want it. We really just need for another blow out for you to get it. 

This is the hoodie that I have on right now. It's cool in Georgia. Not too hot or cold, just cool. So this one works just fine. With the half zip. The air can come in. If I had enough taco meat, I would let it show.  Featuring the new bulldog (new ish) logo big and bold on the right with the Nike logo on the left. 

Only thing I would change about this one is I would love to have the small logo on the bottom. Switch with the traditional G.  Also love the high in the front low in the back that the jacket has. 

 I normally match this up with some camo shorts. Which always makes my mom crazy when I was younger and used to try stuff like this say "So you cold or hot". She didn't like that style. I didn't care. I was fresh. 

 Not really one to wear too many Jordan's but I will pick one up from time to time. Plus I never skittles bag so I couldn't wear any other brand but Jordan or Nike with this hoodie. I feel that the grey gives off the nicest of offsets to bring it all together. 

Just wearing a regular Sanquon Logo tee under all this. If you wanted to know. 

Hoodie: Georgia Team Store
Joggers: H&M
Sneakers: Jimmy Jazz 

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